Affordable Housing Compliance Solutions

What We Do

Congratulations!  Your application was approved, you’ve identified your investors, construction is nearing completion and your project is almost ready to be placed in service.  You’ve overcome all the obstacles to get here, so now what? 

The next step in making your project a success is executing a fast and flawless initial lease-up.  In the high stakes world of affordable housing, tight deadlines mean time is money.  Any seasoned developer will tell you that the lease-up process is fraught with risks and the devil is in the details.  Syndicators and state monitoring agencies expect thoroughly vetted and expertly documented tenant files.  Investors expect the project to be fully leased-up in seemingly impossible time frames.  To achieve success in both areas, a developer must have significant knowledge in LIHTC compliance and experience overcoming the roadblocks that are part of a fast-paced lease-up.  Our team of compliance professionals has both.

The development of an affordable housing project and the process of leasing it up are two very different activities that require two very different skill sets.  You’re great at your job and we’re great at ours.  Don’t reinvent the wheel, now is the time to bring in the experts!  Let us use our wealth of experience to pick up where you leave off.

Maybe you’ve never done this before and are unsure where to start.  Or maybe you have, and don’t want to take on the stress, long days and sleepless nights.  When it isn’t practical or cost effective to hire or train existing staff to perform the lease-up, rest assured we are up to the task. 

No worries, we’ve got this!