Affordable Housing Compliance Solutions

Who We Are

Our Experience Makes the Difference

Caroline Gastaldo, M.S., NPCC, HCCP 

Founder, Managing Partner

Mary Ramos,  M.B.A., NPCC, HCCP                            

Founder, Managing Partner


CGMR Compliance Partners, LLC was founded by Caroline Gastaldo and Mary Ramos, certified affordable housing compliance professionals with over 15 years of combined experience in opening and managing affordable housing projects.  Prior to establishing CGMR Compliance Partners, LLC, Caroline and Mary worked in this capacity for Concern for Independent Living, Inc, a non-profit developer of supportive and affordable housing serving a variety of populations including low-income families, veterans, and individuals with special needs.    

During her tenure at Concern, Caroline led the initial rent-up efforts for Concern Riverhead, Concern Heights, and Liberty Village.  In addition, Caroline has extensive experience in the operation of special needs housing.  Over her 20-year history with the agency, she has overseen Concern's Community Residence Programs, Scattered-Site Supportive Housing Program, and Concern Riverhead CR-SRO.  Most recently, Caroline served as Assistant Director of Program Operations, providing support and guidance to Program Directors across the agency.  Caroline holds an M.S. in Forensic Examination and is certified in Affordable Housing Compliance through Novogradac and the National Association of Home Builders.   

As a member of Concern's staff, Mary has worked in Human Resources, Property Management, and Affordable Housing Compliance.  As Asset Manager, she led the rent-up efforts for Liberty Landing and was responsible for the ongoing compliance of nearly 1000 affordable units, including 11 LIHTC projects and 14 811 PRAC projects.   Together with Caroline, Mary conducted the initial rent-up of 72 LIHTC units at Renaissance Village in under 3 months.  Mary holds a B.S in Accounting, an M.B.A. and is certified in Affordable Housing Compliance through Quadel, Novogradac and the National Association of Home Builders.  She is continually trained in Tax Credit and Assisted Housing Compliance and Fair Housing Law.    

Caroline and Mary possess expertise in LIHTC, HUD, Section 8 and HOME regulations, have significant experience with mixed-income projects and are well versed in the workings of Social Security benefits, Public Assistance benefits and rental subsidy programs.  They have extensive experience in the development of supported housing and mixed-use projects and have worked effectively with special needs populations.  Both have worked closely with  NYS Homes & Community Renewal, NYC Department of Housing and Preservation, National Equity Fund, Richman Capital, Suffolk County DSS, NYC Housing Authority,  Community Development Corp, NYS Office of Mental Health, the Veterans Administration and NYC Human Resource Administration.